Dude, You’re Getting Adele!

Dude, You’re Getting Adele!

A Day in the life of Dog and Cat

A Day in the life of Dog and Cat

Me Rocking out FIESTA style!

Me Rocking out FIESTA style!

Dragon by Dano Dunham (For Mathom album V)

Dragon: by Dano


Theres a clown on the other side of the mountain,

Who laughs but seldom smiles,

And he’s waiting for you to find him,

So that he can defile….

The thought of him you are having,

To make him a monster it seems,

And perhaps you should just go back to sleep,

And try not to think of such things


There’s a dragon who sleeps in his lair,

Guarding his treasure so cold,

And it gleams with the deep red of rubies,

And he knows that its greater than gold….

And the fire he breathes will consume you,

And his scales and wings spread wide….

To fly on his journey into you….

To awaken fantasy inside……


There’s a beast that awaits in the shadows

And his eyes glow with terrible dreams,

And his teeth are ready to gnash and tear,

And to pave the way for your screams…..

With no need to escape it…

You’ve know need to fear you shall see…

For the beast shall be inside you,

And the name of the beast is me….


And yes my dear there are monsters,

Waiting in the night…

But some can make it better…

All the way til the morning light…..

Chorus 2:

And yes my dear I’m a monster,

And I stand ready for the feast…

Not where I serve but where I’m served…

And the beauty shall consume the beast.